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About Us

The members of Fatmas are Iron_T and Major Teebs. Two middle aged men experiencing midlife crises and sharing it with the world by releasing the music of their youth. This duo works well because they are cousins. They have a shared experience and the music they make together flows very naturally. They have an inclination for song that has been passed down to them from their great-grandfather who, in the days of yore, wrote the famous jingle "I like Aeroplane Jelly." Because of this connection these two guys felt entitled to the same fame and destiny as their lineage implied. But alas they were not to amount to any such grandiose station in life. Sadly, not to benefit from the nepotism and cronyism that has been a boon to so many others they were left to make their own way in the music industry and floundered around at the bottom in obscurity, until with crushed spirits they gave up on the dream to succeed as musicians. In spite of this the desire to release their music which was once so fresh and new still simmers after all these years. A spark that has not gone out even with the passing of all this time.

About the Songs

The first two songs of this release were heavily influenced by the sound of British 90's Doom Bands Anathema and Paradise Lost. The songs themselves were actually written in the 1990's. Darkcone is exactly as it was conceived then but Doom has had the spice of collaboration added to it during the recording for this 2019 release, almost 30 years after its creation. The third song Infidelity is also from that earlier era but like a lot of the tunes from Major Teebs' repertoire the lyrics were not fully completed and so had to be finished for this EP. Those first three songs have a genuine 90's vibe because they are from that cool musical time.

Here's Some Esoteric $h%#!

Music can bring your inner world of feeling, thoughts and desire to life. The lyrics can give these impulses form and populate that world with characters who seem to have an independent autonomy of their own. If re-affirmed through continued engagement with the vehicle of their manifestation, these characters can stay with you for years. These entities desire that more people engage with the songs and strengthen the medium of their being in the hope that they can one day escape the confines of their origin to become "A real boy.”

Iron T & Major Teebs