About Us

Located in Australia but never in the same room.
Fatmas is Iron T and Sloppywallet.
They have recorded all their songs in the modern way of using personal digital audio work stations and sending the projects and files back and forth until they are satisfied.
Sloppywallet does all the production, using the skills that he has acquired over years of teaching himself the art and science of audio engineering. He has scoured the net for the elusive secrets of sound. On this journey he has discovered the truth that most of his tonal breakthroughs and understandings have come in the form of epiphany type realisations long after the actual information was received. We are very happy with the resulting quality that our songs have under his adept treatment.


This Album captures the origins of the Fatmas sound. Forehead is the title of this seven track release and the name of the band in which, IronT and Sloppy Wallet played live during the final decade of the last century.
Sloppy wallet has meticulously and with great care and attention to detail recreated the drum and bass parts as closely as possible to how they were played by the members of Forehead, each of whom added their own special ingredient that was essential to the Forehead vibe and sound.
The result is a faithful rendition of that really cool and seminal time.
We are proud to bring that past into manifestation by adding this album to the songs of the Fatmas archive.
All the songs that Fatmas has produced to date have been dredged up from the fading dark of a creative history but none hold the same power as these Forehead songs. They are the only ones to have had a previous life, having been played live and rocked out to by the enthusiastic and passionionate audiences that patronized the active Wollongong pub sceen of the 1990's.


Three epic metal songs from the mystery of Sloppywallet's torment. These are emotionally charged with a power that spreads to the listener and draws them into the struggle. The songs continue as classics of the genre, full of anger and yearning that remains unresolved. We invite you to join with us in confronting the avalanche.

Emerging Out of the Dark

This two track EP comprises offerings that are the creative product of Ion_T's songwriting process. The first song which, lends its name to the release, is a consideration of the psychology of consciousness. It examines the conditions that are necessary for the continuation of awareness beyond the current identification of the physical body and its temporal identity. It expresses this possibility with a confidence and certainty that was born of a personal out-of-body experience.

The second tune, Forgotten Song, narrates an encounter that Iron_T had with a ceremonial magician. The two formed a mentor student bond where the magician challenged the then currently held views of the songwriter. After taking some points of insight from the relationship Iron_T dissolved the bond over moral differences. The impact of this meeting resulted in this poignant rock ballad.

Darkcone of the Earth

The first two songs of this release were heavily influenced by the sounds of British 90's Doom Bands Anathema and Paradise Lost. The songs themselves were actually written in the 1990's. Darkcone is exactly as it was conceived then but Doom has had the spice of collaboration added to it during the recording for this 2019 release, almost 30 years after its creation. The third song Infidelity is also from that earlier era but like a lot of the tunes from Sloppywallet's repertoire the lyrics were not fully completed and so had to be finished for this EP. Those first three songs have a genuine 90's vibe because they are from that cool musical time.