yes now i'm gone
you been hurt by me so much
but only because you say it's me hurting you
when I would never
intentionally hurt anyone
especially not you
so you must be blind
you can only see your past
and your unfulfilled desires
never coming true
so tell me what have I been doing all this time?
heaven help me
you can't be wrong
I've been hurt by you enough
but surely you like to say it's me hurting you
I'm in a fight
that can't be won
because I'm not fighting
you swear that I meant it
so I know that you just don't get it
if you could step outside yourself
there'd be some room in there for me
when will love come?
you need to
feel that loving touch
and your unfulfilled desires
ever coming true
if your a wife
you will succumb
cos Asmodeus
is true