Darkcone of the Earth

I will save you
now you are mine

there's a council internal governing my life
the reality external
I'm insane

I am crouching in the corner
fearing of the dark
waiting for the morning
but its so far away
and still the night will come again
how do they know my name?

I am divine
and you shall serve me for all time
fear me ( irrational fear )
I make you live or die, me ( irrational fear )
I choose when you laugh or cry

I'll show you whom you should fear
fear him
who after he has killed
has the power to cast into hell
fear him

you have been granted with the power to create
look to the light all fear passes away
there's nothing in your life
you should ever fear dear
you have been loved
so why do you hate
if you close your eyes
and there's only fear
and it's near
than you can change your mind
it's not to late

you are still mine
and shall not be freed
I saved you
I'm the one you pray to
now you must
pay your dept to me

I can feel the wrath coming from you babe
if you have been kind
then you will be paid
the law it is true
and must be obeyed
but first you must honor
the first contract made

you are still mine
you'll come back to me
I won't be defied
by you or anybody

they poured water over me
and I'm melting away