fine second claim false
to deny your interior witness
you made a fine host
you say that you can certify time
don't shut me off denied by the rich men
think that they define time

you redefined second time
now I wish I could have my time again
but my physical is all rotten and bland
dismembered cheaply
you sly me by the skin of my teeth
I wasn't listening

but we had a good time
don't shut me off
don't cut me off
don't leave me out
or render me blind
manna make thine
second time
ye shall a time be made past never return
mine intentions were for promises
word shall always keep
nay my finite sensibilities lulled the will to sleep

I've seen the witness but let it slip
I don't await man's opinion or acknowledgment
but I can't wait to continue this life again
and I can't wait to feel something that I know is real

did I miss the boat
I kind of choked
sitting pretty with my heart in the slave
how was it mate
how was it nature that created a demon goat fool
why you pride yourself on worshipping a beast of pure nothing

find out who the hell you are

wrecking day
In Gods fists
satisfy yourself
be a man
make them think you can
but I can't find out no particular reason
what makes you think he doesn't care

give me good reason
and I'll take it
because my lady said so
and I'm leaving now
to savour my soul
don't leave me
don't leave me
done wrong
just take me
please Lord take my soul

petty cost
you're no Godman

yeah man temptation
has taken its toll
my will to believe in
has shown hold
give me good reason
and I'll take you down death row
but I'm never going back no
where the love was cold
yeah man
hey man

You make me so.