This music has been burried in the crypt of non manifestation since the early 1990s when the majority of these songs came into the world.
First pushed through the darkest levels of the Adam Kadmon by the creative principal in Man they coalesced in the Kingdom of the elements.
The Message and their sonic power born from the distortion of transistor practice amps and makeshift audio setups, driven by the angst and prideful inexperience of youth, refused to fade even though they could grow no further at that time.

They never found a vehicle of expression, nor a way to graft themselves to the minds of new listeners.
Yet to find this attachment with other cells of the “one man” has been their purpose since the original journey into this valley of tears.
Now this “Men's prayer” is here and the timeless message of death, afterlife and the struggle to know what life is seems as relevant as it has always been.
That will never diminish by the passing of time nor the introduction of new trends in thought.
Please enjoy this offering that really has been decades in the making.

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